Fiverr just got a Five Dollar Facelift — Check it out!

So Fiverr decided to improve its user dashboard.  Take a look here. Fiverr blog update post.

What’s new?

New Features List (Taken directly from Fiverr’s blog post:)

  1. Shopping Dashboard: Switch between tabs with ease to have a look at all the awesome Gigs you’ve been buying!
  2. Seller’s Dashboard: A handy place to manage all the stellar Gigs you offer. Simply select My Gigs, Manage Sales or Revenues to instantly be transported to your required destination!
  3. Wider Workspace: By making some radical visual adjustments we’ve increased your working space on Mission Control by giving you the full width of the page to work on!
  4. Starred Orders: Now you can literally ‘reach for the stars’ with this incredibly handy addition to your workflow. Simply star any order that is of importance or needs follow up and it’ll be placed in this section. Cool, huh?

They’ve also improved the mailbox.

So many times, I couldn’t tell if I had written back to someone or not – now you can add a ‘star’ next to a message for follow up later.  That’ll prevent a lot of missed chances at getting a gig bought!

What do you think of the new features?

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