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Change Username on Fiverr

Is it possible to change your Username on Fiverr? At this time, no. If you set up an account and you want to change it, the only way you can change your username is to create a brand new account with the username you want. Or send an email to Fiverr Support and ask them!

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Fiverr Gig Ideas

If you’re starting up on Fiverr for the first time, it can be overwhelming to come up with the perfect gig idea. Brainstorming your own gig Idea One of the best ways to come up with Fiverr gig ideas is to take a look at what others are offering on Fiverr. Head over to Fiverr.com. [...]

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New Fiverr Feature: Fiverr Levels

Fiverr recently introduced Levels. This… is… fantastic! With Fiverr levels, a seller can easily upsell on the Fiverr platform itself. With careful planning, you could ensure that every sale makes you at least $10-$15! Here’s the different levels and the benefits you can get from them: Start thinking of strategies now! Danielle

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Beware of these Top 3 Fiverr Scams

Are there Fiverr Scams? Yes, there are scams on Fiverr.  Think of Fiverr as the wild west.  You’ll find great deals, you’ll find awful deals.  The trick is to learn how to distinguish the two so you don’t waste time and money. How to locate Fiverr Scams: 1) The person has fake feedback. Look carefully [...]

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Fiverr just got a Five Dollar Facelift — Check it out!

So Fiverr decided to improve its user dashboard.  Take a look here. Fiverr blog update post. What’s new? New Features List (Taken directly from Fiverr’s blog post:) Shopping Dashboard: Switch between tabs with ease to have a look at all the awesome Gigs you’ve been buying! Seller’s Dashboard: A handy place to manage all the [...]

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Spooooky Halloween Gigs – and Holiday Gigs

It’s the holiday season, and Fiverr’s rolling out the kooky catagories. Right now, you have a couple days left to offer halloween themed gigs. But this is actually a GREAT time to start putting together some Christmas gigs.   Start thinking about gigs like “sending out christmas cards” or “dress up like Santa” Heck, just [...]

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New Fiverr Feature: Express Gigs

Around the time we released Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Platinum, Fiverr rolled out a new “Express Gigs” option on their site. Express gigs are gigs that are set to turn around within 24 hours.  That means, the buyer can order from you and expect to receive completed work before a day has passed. As you probably [...]

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Ultimate Fiverr Marketing version 2 to include custom wordpress theme

In the upcoming release of Ultimate Fiverr Marketing version 2, a custom wordpress theme will be included as part of the package! More updates to come.

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