Fiverr Seller, if you’re ‘playing by the book’ then…


“You’re Losing THOUSANDS of Dollars Every Day You Sell on Fiverr!”



Find out how selling on Fiver the old fashioned way is bleeding your paypal account…


And discover the PROFITABLE way to sell on Fiverr …


With the secret marketing ‘loop hole’ that I’ve used to make from $2000-$4000 each month on Fiverr  (WITHOUT doing endless gigs!)


Dear Fiverr Marketer,

danielle lynn fiverr

Hi there! I’m Danielle Lynn – Author and Fiverr Marketer.


I hate to tell you this… but Fiverr thinks you’re a sucker.


It’s a sneaky little site that lures you in with the promise of hungry buyers, all waving five dollar bills at you in exchange for simple tasks.


What a great idea, right?   They bring the buyers, you get paid, Win, win!


The problem is… while you scramble to find the perfect gigs, promote them, and work hard to deliver them,


Fiverr lays back, sits pretty – and then takes a HUGE 20% cut of your final gig!


That’s right, after you go through the painstaking trouble of putting together the gig and delivering the work, they take 1/5th of the final payment.


Then to make matters worse, they make you wait 14 days before you can even withdraw your meager $4.


And don’t forget, paypal gets a cut too!


So I bet you’re thinking to yourself –


 “Wow, you’re right!  Why WOULD anyone want to sell on Fiverr?  Sounds like only an idiot would go on there.”


And if you signed up on fiverr just to slave over endless gigs to earn $4, I’d agree with you.


The thing is… although working on Fiverr the old way is pointless…


“There is a little-known method that lets a select few Fiverr sellers make THOUSANDS on Fiverr each month – and anyone can do it!”


How do I know this?


Because I personally discovered this method over a year ago.


You see, a few months before I found out this “Fiverr marketing method”, I  was a struggling freelancer.


You know the story – had to pay bills, figured making money online would be my path to salvation! (bet that sounds familiar!)


I was pretty eager to make a buck just about any way I could.


So when I read an article on yahoo about this strange ‘gig site’ that let you set up jobs and strangers paid you money for it, I had to go check it out.


I toyed around with it for a couple months on and off.  I had sold a couple writing gigs, tried my hand at design, a little bit of everything.



I got really good at getting a lot of gig orders on Fiverr too! But it gets better!


But then, when I was finishing up a gig one day and getting ready to deliver it to my client, a neat idea popped into my mind…


I went ahead and put it together quickly and sent it to my client…


And within a few hours of delivering my ‘specially tweaked’ gig, that client sent $500 straight to my paypal account.


I was amazed.  Was It just dumb luck?  I had to know.


So I made sure I  did the same thing to the rest of the orders I had due and turned them in.


Within 4 days, out of the 10 remaining orders, 2 more people sent me $500, 3 wanted to talk about working on projects with me and one asked me to write him up a monthly consulting contract.


After implementing my “Fiverr Marketing Technique” – I went from struggling Fiverr seller to marketer who just made $1500 within 3 days and had clients lining up to work with me!


Now I bet you’re curious what I did or said to them to get me to send over money- and you probably think I’m going to drag this out and make you wonder what I did to land those clients…


Nope- I’m going to tell you RIGHT NOW what I did to get all those $5 Fiverr buyers to send me that extra money and beg to work with me.



Here’s Fiverr Secret #1 – Use your Fiverr gigs as a Marketing Leveraging Tool.


You see – the money in Fiverr isn’t in the little $5 gigs.


The REAL money in Fiverr comes from turning those $5 customers into rabid $100, $200, $500 (and even in one case for me, $4000!) customers!


Here’s the beauty, to make this method work, you don’t NEED a specific skill or series of steps to make it work – you don’t have to be a writer or even know anything about SEO.


All you need is the ability to manage jobs and a passion for making LOTS of money  “All you need to do is know HOW to leverage Fiverr – and you have a sea of endless buyers at your disposal – and  you’ll be earning much  more than $4 per sale


In fact, I set up and tried the method several times, with different gigs in different niches – and each time I was able to convert gigs into $200+ deals.


But what is the method and how did it work so well?


The method is an in depth system that I lovingly call:


Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Platinum

fiverr ebook

An actual marketing methodology that will let you take ANY niche, ANY gig, and ANY scenario – and turn your gig account into a highly profitable money-making machine!


In fact – I told you about one of the techniques I used to make money on Fiverr.


But the truth is – Ultimate Fiverr Marketing is Packed with 50+ pages brimming with


- 10 Advanced Fiverr Techniques

- 3 Ultimate Marketing Strategies

- Semi- Auttomated and outsourcable methods

- Charts, images, and diagrams that guide you through the process

- Cut and paste tools and writing you can use in minutes!


 And while it uses advanced techniques-

it’s 100% newbie friendly!


Here’s How Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Helps you Make a TON of money Using Fiverr in 3 Simple Steps


Step 1)  I walk you through the nuts and bolts of Fiverr – we get your account set up the RIGHT way to make sure you attract the buyers you want.  I show you EXACTLY how to find and pick the perfect gigs to start setting up and promoting.


Step 2) I give you advanced methods on how to get instant traffic and buyers to your gig – even if your account is only minutes old! I share with you advanced Fiverr secrets that even many TOP SELLERS don’t know!


Step 3) I guide you through the 3 Ultimate FIverr Marketing Methods – the way you can turn your Fiverr account into a money-making marketing tool.   Consistently.


Using these 3 steps, you can create a Fiverr account that can help you start up your own business.


And I don’t mean just $5 – I mean real money.


Take a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside:


Page 5 – The secret behind creating a username that gets people to pick your services over your competitors


Page 7 How to pick and make photos that make people choose your gig and buy from you.



Page 7 – A ‘profile swipe file’ that you can use to make a profile that POPs and makes you look like a professional.


Page 8 – How to legally connect your profile to  your other business or sites


Page 9-  Common newbie blunders that make you look DESPERATE – and how to avoid them!


Page 10 – A gig ‘brainstorming mind map’ that will help you think up and create profitable gigs for your niches!


Page 11 – How to use Fiverr’s own page to ‘hack’ into your competition’s minds and turn their profitable gigs into YOUR profitable gigs


Page 15 – The “Hourly Rate Test” That helps you figure out how to make the most from a gig in the least amount of time


Page 16 – A fool-proof method that makes sure people start ordering your gigs right away – even if you just set up your account minutes ago!


Page 17 – The method to making headlines that get people to notice your gigs over your competition


Page 20 – Creating irresistible offers that people can’t help but throw money at you for.


Page 22 – How to get customers to order your gigs NOW (even if you created your account only minutes ago!)


Page 23 -  How to use the “Green Bar” method to get high paying gig orders


Page 27- Getting endless Fiverr orders by following 3 simple stops


Page 29 – How to easily remove negative feedback and the secret to always having 100% positive ratings


Page 31 – Easy ways to harvest testimonials to help you got more sales – on and off Fiverr!


Page 32 – How to outsource and arbitrage gigs and get things done for less than $5 each.


Page 34 – How to make double or more per gig!


Page 35 – How to get your gigs featured so they appear on the front page for everyone to see!


Page 36 – How to become a Fiverr top seller in no time.


Page 37 – the Simple way to build a ‘buyers list’ – using Fiverr! Get paid per lead!


Page 38 – An in depth look at how to leverage the Fiverr Seller feature to make more money.


Page 40 – Using videos on Fiverr to make even more money (no fancy equipment needed!)


Page 44 – How savvy sellers have used fiverr to land jobs worth $500, $1000 – or more!


Page 45 -  2 simple methods you can use TODAY to start making money on Fiverr


Page 50 – How to prevent “gig abuse” from buyers – make them pay you more!


Page 51 – Creating product sales funnels and upsells.


Page 52 – The lazy-man Amazon affiliate method (Get people to PAY YOU to buy from your amazon links!)


Page 54 – Offline outsourcing and upselling madness – How I make offline businesses pay me $300 for a gig I just paid $5 for!


Page 58 – The top 4 tools you can use to make more money in any business!



-BONUS – You’ll also get:


Bonus 1) Items, Shipping, and Fiverr – Even more unique ways to make more money from fiverr shipping


Bonus 2) Fiverr Cheat Sheet – An accompanying guide to Ultimate Fiverr Marketing with copy and paste techniques and more


BONUS 3) FIverr Quick Start Guide – Get everything up and running in just minutes with these easy to follow steps.


TWO Secret Bonuses to help you on your money-making quest


FULL email support - 24/7 access to email support around the world

FREE lifetime membership to

FREE lifetime updates - every time a new update comes along, you get your upgrade for FREE!







All for only $27




These are the exact methods that have made me Thousands using Fiverr alone!


I can’t say whether or not you’ll be able to match my success.


But the techniques are simple, easy to implement and if you’re ready to start taking a slice of that online cash ‘pie’ – then this is an incredibly easy way for you to break into the market.


And whether or not you ‘make it big’ – most Fiverr Marketers have reported that they quickly earned back TRIPLE what they invested in the Fiverr Marketing techniques – within the first couple WEEKS!


And you can grab your copy less than the price of a dinner for two!

Will these methods REALLY work for anyone?


It won’t work for you if you never crack it open and use it.


It wont work if you plan on never using Fiverr.


BUT If you’re already selling on Fiverr or you’re curious about selling on Fiverr –


You can use ANY of the techniques to make much more money.

The beauty is – you can make this work online, offline, in any country that accepts paypal, and around the world!


The only real limit is your imagination.


YES – People have made a FULL TIME living and Work From Home using these methods!


In a recent info graphic, Fiverr noted that at least 14% of its users were running full time businesses using Fiverr alone.


Although I currently have many different businesses and streams of revenue, for a while I did nothing but earn money using my Fiverr Marketing Methods.


There’s a HUGE and hungry market on Fiverr, just waiting to stuff money into your paypal account – all you need is the methods.


Now, I know you’ll love my product, but I want this to be an easy decision for you – so I’m giving you my…



60 Day No-Hassle Guarantee: I believe in my product, and I know it works when you use it. But if at any time within 60 days you decide Ultimate Fiverr Marketing isn’t for you, simply shoot me over an email and I’ll immediately refund you the full purchase price. No questions, no hassle, and I’ll even give you a smiley face!



So if the methods in Ultimate Fiverr Marketing work SO well why am I sharing them with you?


Simple. Because it’s a method that can be applied to any niche, I never have to worry about market saturation!

In fact, I’ve already sold over 300 copies of Ultimate Fiverr Marketing – and every week, I get new letters from Fiverr Marketers who have used this simple system to make a TON of money On Fiverr



And of course – I still use the method myself – and to this day I STILL use it to make tons of extra money!


(Heck, at this point my gigs are so popular, I’ve had to turn them OFF so that I don’t get overrun!)


Check out one of my accounts:



(Remember, that’s just the money you make on FIVERR – that doesn’t even include what you get when you use the Ultimate Fiverr Marketing methods!)



WARNING: Before you go running of and start setting up some gigs before reading on…


You might be able to hop on Fiverr right now and try to figure out how to leverage your gigs.


Maybe you have some ideas floating around in your head (good! make sure you write them down!)


But Keep in mind that it took me over a year to perfect this method.


I had to try out different combinations, different scenarios until I finally created a system that:


Closed lucrative deals from my gigs at least 1/3 of the time – For a while I was only closing 1/5 at best till I improved my method
Was completely Fiverr TOS Friendly (Trust me, you DON’T want to lose your account!)
Was easy to implement – At this point I copy and paste most of the work I do on Fiverr
And made it super easy to work.



So instead of banging your head against the wall to find all these gems, you can get them in a package

And remember, you’re covered 100% by my guarantee!


You’re just minutes away from my best money making Fiverr secrets!


If you’re eager and ready to make money using Fiverr, if you want financial independence,


Then Grab a copy below and get started!


Just think, in moments from now, you could be setting up your own online empire.


So while you’re cooking dinner, playing with your kids, or just hanging out…


Your business will be working 24/7, bringing in new leads and constantly promoting you.


(There’s nothing quite like sitting back and watching the money roll in!)


But it will NEVER happen unless you TAKE ACTION!


fiverr ebook


Ultimate Fiverr Marketing

The Fiverr Cheat Sheet

Items, Shipping, And Fiverr

Lifetime Membership to access everything on!!

The Fiverr Quick Start Guide


Grab your copy now and get started!

For a limited time, Get instant Access to Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Platinum for only $27!

Click below to secure your copy Now!


Ultimate Fiverr Marketing provided the foundation on which I’ve built my own business.

That’s why I’m proud to place my name on it and share it with you all.

Wishing you the same success it gave me,

danielle lynn fiverr

Danielle Lynn: Author and Fiverr Marketer

Danielle Lynn

(you can reach out to me on twitter @ClearCopywriter or click here for Support)



P.S. Please feel free to direct any questions or comments about Ultimate Fiverr Marketing Platinum either to my twitter account or – I’ll gladly respond to all your questions and comments.


P.P.S.  I can’t explain how fun it is to wake up to a full Fiverr inbox, knowing that half those people are going to be giving me more money!


If you don’t grab this now, you’ll miss out on that “Christmas” experience!



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